West Bengal Accelarated Development of Minor Irrigation Project

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Water Requirement Result
Soil Type: Climate Condition:  
Let the command Area(ha): Working hours of the pump(hr/day):
Water Requirement Result based on Soil & Climate condition Type
Description Value
Infiltration Rate at Field(mm/hr)
Water Holding Capacity(mm/m)
Maximum water application rate(mm/hr)
Water Requirement Result based on Soil,Climate condition Type & Crop Type
Description Value Value Value
Crops to be Cultivated
Root Zone Depth(m)
Max allowable depletion(%)
Daily Consumption use rate (mm/day)
Total Water Holding capacity of the soil(mm)
Depth of the water to be applied (mm)
irrigation Interval (in days)
Area to be covered on each day irrigation(ha)
Hence the volume of water required each day(m^3)
The pump discharge required (m^3/hr)

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