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1 List of Banned Pesticides According to WHO
2 Project Hydro logical Monitoring orientation workshop
3 Guideline Farmer Field School Session guide ICM Paddy
4 Guideline WUA grading at Implementation stage WUAs
5 Guideline WUA grading at Post implementation stage WUAs
6 Photo Book Birbhum
7 Checklist for Solar Installation
8 Guideline for effective implementation of On farm Demonstration
9 Photobook- Minor Irrigation schemes in West Medinipur
10 Manual- Support Organization
11 Guideline- Social safeguard
12 Manual- WUA Training
13 Guideline- Execution of Water Detention Structures by WUAs
14 Guideline- Execution of Check Dam through WUAs
15 Guideline- Execution of Pump Dugwells through WUAs
16 ADMI-Environmental Assessment-Executive Summary
17 Irrigation Resources Baseline
18 Environmental Assessment-Methodology
19 Dropped WDS-SFMIS schemes in WBADMIP
20 Gogram Gopinath Pur LDTW
21 Minutes of weekly meeting_05.04.2016
22 List of SWID recommended ground water based sub-projects
23 Visit Report by K.A.S Mani
24 Model Tubewell Ok Card
25 Site Visit Report-Birbhum Suri

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