West Bengal Accelarated Development of Minor Irrigation Project

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1 World Bank Report Guideline Community service Provider
2 Guidelines or Manual List of Banned Pesticides According to WHO
3 Guidelines or Manual Project Implementation Plan(PIP)
4 Guidelines or Manual Guideline Farmer Field School Session guide ICM Paddy
5 Guidelines or Manual Guideline WUA grading at Implementation stage WUAs
6 Guidelines or Manual Guideline WUA grading at Post implementation stage WUAs
7 Guidelines or Manual Photo Book Birbhum
8 Guidelines or Manual Checklist for Solar Installation
9 Guidelines or Manual Guideline for effective implementation of On farm Demonstration
10 Project Progress Report Photobook- Minor Irrigation schemes in West Medinipur
11 Guidelines or Manual Manual- Support Organization
12 Guidelines or Manual Guideline- Social safeguard
13 Guidelines or Manual Manual- WUA Training
14 Guidelines or Manual Guideline- Execution of Water Detention Structures by WUAs
15 Guidelines or Manual Guideline- Execution of Check Dam through WUAs
16 Guidelines or Manual Guideline- Execution of Pump Dugwells through WUAs
17 World Bank Report Project Appraisal Document
18 World Bank Report World Bank Report-Feb 2019
19 Guidelines or Manual ADMI-Environmental Assessment-Executive Summary
20 Guidelines or Manual Annexure-V-Ground Water Availability in Non Pilot Districts
21 Guidelines or Manual Annexure-XII-Secondery Water Quality Data - GANGA
22 Guidelines or Manual Annexure-VIII-Environmental Codes of Practice
23 Guidelines or Manual Annexure-XI-Arsenic Contamination Maps Of 8 Districts
24 Guidelines or Manual Annexure-IV-Ground Water Availability in Pilot Districts
25 Guidelines or Manual Annexure-II-Sample Blocks for Environmental Assessment

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