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SL No Name Designation Employment Type Contact No   (Tel) Contact No  (CUG)
1 Mr. Prabhat Kumar Mishra (IAS) Project Director WBADMIP and Principal Secretary WRIDD Dept. Core N/A N/A
2 Mr. Debasish Roy Additional Project Director Core N/A N/A
3 Sri Amit Saha (W.B.A & A.S) Controller of Finance Core N/A N/A
4 Sri Nilesh Banerjee SE Core N/A N/A
5 Sri Utpal Saha SE Core N/A N/A
6 Mr. Jayanta Kumar Biswas Executive Engineer Core N/A N/A
7 Mr. Joydeep Das Executive Engineer Core N/A N/A
8 Mr. Nabakrishna Halder Executive Engineer Core N/A N/A
9 Mr. Biman Kumar Sadhu AE(AI) Core N/A N/A
10 Mr. Diptendra Das AE(AI) Core N/A N/A
11 Mr. Kaushik Bhattacharya Sub-Assistant Engineer/Jr. Engineer Core N/A N/A
12 Mr. Surajit Mukherjee Sub-Assistant Engineer/Jr. Engineer Core N/A N/A
13 Mr. Debasish Maity Administrative Officer Contractual N/A N/A
14 Mr. Akhilesh Parey Team Leader(ME Specialist) Contractual 8017772748 N/A
15 Mr. Manas Ranjan Das Divisional Accountant Contractual N/A N/A
16 B.Kar GIS Specialist Contractual N/A N/A
17 Dr. Chayan Roy Fisheries Coordinator(SPMU) Contractual N/A 7479043634
18 Dr. Chinmay Kundu Agriculture Specialist (Consultant) Contractual N/A 7479043618
19 Mr. Amitava Mukherjee GIS & Remote Sensing Specialist Contractual N/A N/A
20 Mr. Anirban Basu Finance Specialist Contractual N/A N/A
21 Mr. Asish Ranjan James Horticulture Specialist Contractual N/A N/A
22 Mr. Saurav Jyoti Gogoi Training & Communication Specialist Contractual N/A N/A
23 Mr. Subhasish Dutta Institutional Development Coordinator(SPMU) Contractual N/A N/A
24 Mr. Tapan Maity Agriculture Coordinator Contractual 919434180878 7479045945
25 A.Lahiri GIS Manager Contractual N/A N/A

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